Memory Foam vs. Latex Beds

Are you stuck comparing the difference between memory foam and latex mattresses? Allow us to clear up the confusion. Originally developed by NASA, viscoelastic memory foam has been around for decades and is proven to relieve painful pressure points in the body. Latex mattresses have also been around for a while and are stated to be made of natural material sourced from rubber trees. This is true, to an extent. The reality is that rubber is incredibly expensive and many latex mattresses are synthetic or only comprised of a few inches of latex. The more real latex in a mattress, the higher the cost. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to empty your wallet to get a high-quality, safe, and cozy mattress. In comparing memory foam to latex, you may just find our luxury mattresses to be extraordinarily comfortable!

Is Memory Foam Better Than Latex?

One of the biggest reasons consumers choose latex beds over memory foam are due to concerns of off-gassing from chemicals and foreign-made material.  We agree with this concern. Really, who wants to sleep in a smelly bed with potentially harmful fumes? Out of concern for our customers, we only source natural material from within the USA. Our beds are made with USDA certified organic cotton. No dyes. No chemicals. No pesticides. Just pure love!