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How to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis for Sleep

How to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis for Sleep

People are busier than ever. Transforming your bedroom to promote comfort and relaxation will help you make the most of your down time, and will encourage a night of restful sleep.

Setting the Mood for Sleep

Creating a sleep spa at home is an easy way to adopt healthy sleep habits. A sleep spa is an oasis, a place where you are pampered and restful, about more than just getting sleep. It should be like slipping into a bathtub with a bath bomb, soothing and normalizing. All your cares should melt away, leaving you peaceful and ready for bed.

Creating the Mood

Just entering your room should set a feeling of tranquility and coziness. The temperature should be a little on the cool side, which promotes good sleep. High thread-count sheets, a cozy blanket, and a supportive pillow also contribute to the general feel of your oasis. A good mattress will give you the support and pain-free evening you seek. Your comforter, sheets, curtains and artwork should not be flashy but rather soothing. Gentle music should be utilized, nothing jarring.

Discover aromatherapy

There are certain essential oils and incense that relax, the most prevalent being lavender. Chamomile, sandalwood, vanilla, and a mix of herbs are also inducive of the rest you seek to have. You can burn an incense stick (if you aren’t affected by it) or dab essential oils on each of your pulse points. You can also have a small pillow, filled with lavender or something similar, to place under your main pillow. The scent will permeate the night, allowing you to drift into blissful slumber.

Clean out the clutter

Taking some time each day to clear your room of distractions leads to peaceful sleep. It could be any pile of stuff, such as clothes, knick-knacks, books and shoes that are cluttering your room.

Put aside the electronics

The bedroom should be a haven for sleeping and romancing. Having electronic devices in the room can stimulate your brain and preclude a good night’s sleep. Devices like your cell phone and tablet have a blue light feature which tricks the mind into thinking it’s daylight. This filter can be turned off in your setting menu. Don’t text or surf social media at least an hour before you go to bed. If you must have your cell phone in the room, be sure notifications are turned off, and the faceplate is covered to avoid light bleed.

Treat your hands and feet

Give yourself a hand massage. Using the thumb and index finger of your left hand, squeeze each finger on your right hand, one by one. Then, gently pull each finger. Stretch your fingers back, then massage the palm of the hand with your thumb, working out all tension.

Relaxing your feet is just as important. Wooden feet rollers come in all forms you can imagine and can offer simple relaxation before bed. If you don’t have a foot roller, a rolling pin may be used instead. Simply place the roller on the on the floor beside your bed and roll your feet back and forth on it, enjoying the pleasant sensations experienced by your tired tootsies. Do this for five to fifteen minutes for each foot. The amount of time you spend should be judged by the tension in your feet.

If you don’t have a roller, treat yourself to a foot massage. Sitting in a cross-legged position, the foot you’re going to start with over the other ankle. Rotate it slowly, loosening up the tendons and Achilles heel. Use your fist on the instep area, rubbing it up and down, and in circles, to relax the muscles there. Pull on all your toes, then slide your fingers through them at the base to give them a good stretch. Finish up with patting the foot all over to increase blood flow. Your feet will thank you!

Wash the stress away

One thing that is always relaxing is a bath. After a long day, you’ll want to scrub the activities away and leave you open and clean for slumber. Fill the tub with your favorite essential oil and bearably hot water. You can also use one of the popular bath bombs instead, which releases oils and scent into your bath water. Sink in with a relaxed sigh, using a towel or lounge pillow for your neck. Take as much time as you want. When you’re ready, get under the shower, running with cool or tepid water, gradually increasing in the temperature to warm again. Once you feel relaxed and all tension gone, towel yourself off and head to your comfortable bed.

Falling asleep

Once under the sheets, smelling the scent of lavender, or vanilla, or your favorite scent, calm your body in increments. Start with the feet. Envision your muscles loosening and relaxing one at a time, envisioning the color red and seeing the stress drain off from you in a dark pool, to melt away far from yourself. Move up your body in stages: calves, thighs, belly, hands, arms, shoulders, neck and back, allowing the tension to east away. By this time, you should be sleepy and ready for slumber. Enjoy yourself in this bedroom oasis which you created.